We know it gets a little rough out there for trick-or-treaters, but not rough enough to “pack heat!”  Well, allegedly, that is exactly what a 10-year-old South Carolina boy did!

According to the Augusta Chronicle, the boy was trick-or-treating with nine other children when a 28-year-old female neighbor jokingly told the kids she was going to steal their candy.

That did not sit too well with the child, who apparently pulled out a 9MM and aimed it at the neighbor for what he felt was a “threat.”

The neighbor called the Aiken police, who took the child into custody, then released him to his parents. 

Police said the 9MM was empty, but the child did have a loaded clip in his possession.  His brother admitted he had a gun as well.  That gun was also recovered by police.  

Police said the boys took the guns from their grandfather without permission.

All we can say is …WOW!