By: Nycole Hutchens

It’s almost that time where the Obama family is making their transition out the White House, and in true Obama fashion, no moment is off the record.

Obama and his beautiful daughter Malia shared a cute moment over shaved ice during their Hawaii holiday vacay.

The photo shows Obama feeding Malia a spoon full of shaved ice. Could this be the Obama family “budget” tradition?

Last year, the first family went on an Aspen getaway that cost nearly $11.6 million, according to reports.

We can see why going “budget” style on the food is on the list during their seemingly lavish family vacay.

Check out these cute “father-daughter” moments from past vacations.

(In Kailua 2015) Photo Credit:


(Hawaii 2015) Photo Credit: ABC News

(December 2016) Photo Credit:

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