By: Nycole Hutchens

One of the most vocal actors in Hollywood was honored at the 2016 BET Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday. His presence was felt and his message was clear: recognize the accomplishments of African Americans and racism must end today.

Grey’s Anatomy Star Jesse Williams is not only Hollywood eye-candy, but is known for using his platform to shed light on political matters, especially issues that plague the black community.

Williams, 34, has shown consistency in speaking up against injustices against black lives, shedding light on the “Black Lives Matter” movement. Williams has unapologetically involved himself in protests during the Ferguson unrest in hopes that Mike Brown’s death would not be in vain. It was no difference as he dropped several mics Sunday with his stirring acceptance speech, causing mouths to drop with thunderous applause and sending social media into a firestorm.



His proud parents watched from the audience as he spoke from the heart.

“Just because we are magic, doesn’t mean we are not real,” he said.

williams parents

Williams also has a connection with BET. He served as an executive producer of the BET documentary “Stay Woke,” about the Black Lives Matter movement.


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