By: Ajalee Pulley

Nothing is out! We’re still in with the “old” and adding some “new” in celebration of M&M’s 75th anniversary.

Those tasty, lovable M&M’s have a few things up their sleeves.

There is no doubt that America is changing and to avoid fading into history, Mars has decided to step it up and make some innovative new changes for the Millennial snackers. We can expect to see some new colors, flavors, textures and filling in the favorite candy.

Mars has released three new peanut M&M’s flavors and are leaving it in the hands of the people to vote on which one should be the next limited edition; Honey Nut, Coffee Nut or Chili.

M&M’s were first produced in 1941 for soldiers in World War II who requested chocolate with a hard exterior that wouldn’t melt. By the time the war ended the soldiers were already hooked on the sweets, so Mars started selling them to regular customers in 1947.

So of course the company is rolling out its retro packaging from the 1940s through the 1990s to commemorate its anniversary.

The retro packs will be available in March, and the new flavors are available only at the M&M’s World locations in New York City, Orlando and Las Vegas. They will become nationwide in the beginning of April and you can vote through June 17.

Grab your pack, vote and let us know which one is your favorite! YUM!

Happy Anniversary M&M’s!!!!