Gotta love the irony of this story!  The candidate who ran for New York governor based on his “the rent is too damn high” platform says he’s being evicted, according to the NY Post

Jimmy McMillan said the landlord of his rent-controlled Manhattan apartment wants more than the $872 he is getting for the East Village apartment and feels he can get more from new tenants.

So guess what, he allegedly wants McMillan out! 

McMillan said the landlord wants him out because “my rent is too damn low.”

McMillan is countersuing for $70,000. The case is pending in Housing Court.

Building owner Lisco Holdings said in court papers that McMillan violated his lease because the apartment is not his primary residence as required by rent-controlled rules. It says he lives in Brooklyn.

McMillan says that address is his office.

So who do you think will win this case?  Guess we’ll have to wait and see. 

Oh and by the way, McMillan also says he plans to run for president.  Well, if he thinks his $872, rent-controlled apartment is too damn high, just how much does he think it will cost to fund a campaign?

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