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Mind..Body..Spirit—You’re beautiful! From health and fitness, to fashion and beauty or spiritual healing—-all you need to know about embracing your beauty on the inside and letting it shine on the outside!

Dr. Sharad Paul says DANCING, particularly the TANGO, can help reduce the risk of dementia.. Of course, there are more things you can do….This article on health and wellness is a must read!

Imagine this. How would you feel if your child was in need of not one, but two liver transplants? No parent or child should be a witness to this situation, but unfortunately, one mother and daughter had to go through this struggle.

For the love of everything sen..sationional! Send a Prince my way please! An international study into multiple orgasms has concluded that a whopping 77% have experienced the holy grail of sexual intercourse: multiple orgasms. It seems men have finally cracked the code of the female orgasm and women’s sex lives are improving on a global scale.

Grammy-winning producer, songwriter, recording artist, and reality tv star Jermaine Dupri in association with Scream Nation and Live Nation, will see 20 cities in North America this summer with Jermaine Dupri Presents: SoSoSUMMER 17 Tour! The tour begins May 25 in Louisville at the Louisville Palace, with stops in Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore, Memphis, and even H-Town!