Mel Gibson – who is really living up to the “Mad Max” character – is in trouble (yet again) for doing something utterly disgraceful to a woman (yet again).

The Lethal Weapon star allegedly spit in his 78-year-old stepmother’s face, according to legal documents filed by the woman in Los Angeles.

The stepmother asked for a restraining order claiming Gibson – in addition to spitting on her—threatened her and sabotaged her wedding.

Teddy Joye Hicks Gibson is married to Mel’s 98-year-old father, Hutton Gibson, who filed for divorce last month.  Pause—wait—say it again – his 98-year-old father filed for divorce. 

Gibson has not commented on the allegations and we PRAY that none of this is true. 

Surely, the man who called a police officer “sugar tits” and was heard on a recording saying he hoped his ex-wife would get raped by a gang of n*ggers is not assaulting the elderly as well.

Ya think?